GDIH in joint-venture with Daytona to develop and support the expansion of Daytona to European, Middle East, and Asian markets.

The joint-venture will develop, through its new division in air-service and logistics, its own fleet of aircraft for transport of both people and supplies. The humanitarian mission collaboration in concert with the Humanitad Foundation which is supported by the United Nations, Nobel Peace Laureates Follow Up Program, the Global Impact Forum, and the UN Awards is brought to the joint-venture by GDIH. The mission also greatly benefits from GDIH's experience in commercial and private charter services in the Middle East and European markets. This supports a Christian organization in development launching food, clothing, and medical relief to various international locations. GDIH will also use its media power through its media- and movie-division The Hollywood Global Group to provide global awareness to the joint-venture.

The company will establish its departments for purchase of needed food, clothing, medical, and related supplies. The company will also support counter-trade with GDIH in their gold & diamond platform and commodity trading as well as transport of these products to global markets as GDIH will soon list on various stock exchanges through which the joint-venture will have access to 220 global markets to expand the reach of both Daytona and GDIH.

The joint-venture will also support commodities for barter trade business between the two companies as well as various other projects in Switzerland and elsewhere.


GDIH and Cirrus-Aviation Middle East strategic relationship with Alpha Tour and Execujet.

      Cirrus Aviation.

GDIH is supplying air operating certificate with Jupiter Airlines and Ave.Com FBO Support support for Jets and Cirrus Aviation.

To operate executive Legacy 600 to be delivered in November 2006, Registration under GDIH, Jupiter Airlines or FBO under Ave.Com to provide building fix based operator facility in Dubai, Sharjah and provide hangar space for maintenances facilities at airport. Dimensions to suit aircraft type and to expand to 15 aircraft in the fleet.


GDIH also will assist in obtaining landing and over flight and traffic flights for Amphibian aircraft will schedule to Dubai Creek, Abu Dhabi next to the Emirates palace, Ras Al Kaimah – next to the Hilton Hotel, Jumeria Beach Hotel, The World, Palm Jumeria and Jabel Ali and Sharjah. Which will connect to the development of the Emirates Flag Project for water taxi and sea plane service and yacht chartering and executive services.

The joint venture plans to have one global express long range on stand by for VIP clients willing to travel in luxury and comfort through the launch of the new brand with additional aircraft supported by cirrus fleet of sizes and configuration to support sporting events, Film location, dignitaries business and pleasure.

Counters at Dubai Airport , Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah. In support of GDIH and Jupiter Airlines and Ave.Com experience in Middle East and GCC countries with support of maintenance, marketing through MediaOne, QP and GDIH in Joint venture with will provide its clients Luxury on both land and sea. With Cirrus’ Global Network, the consortium will be able to call from the complete fleet aircraft to fit the client’s need with high end rental car service and chauffer limousines with the group network of new accusations of hotel properties the client will have access to the best of the best.


Executive Jet Services - FBO, Sharjah and Dubai with counters at Dubai Airport and service at Sharjah for the new fleet of executive jets, that will be marketed under the brand and supported by Cirrus’ fleet and ’s fleet to add value to the joint venture which will launch with two aircrafts 1 legacy 600 and 1 Global XRS on standby for developing the GCC market with media support from GDIH and MediaOne to push the brand to the market.


  Hanger Maintanance Partnership with Jupiter Airlines  

Joint venture hanger maintenance, marketing and service for on ground fleet in Sharjah at Ave.Com for supporting the legacy 600 and Air aircraft where GDIH and Jupiter Airlines will market the fleet for GCC countries and African region with the to call on 20 aircraft for supporting major film shoots dignatories and VIP clients, wishing turnkey service from future Hotels, Yachts, Car Rental and Air. Sponsored by ruling familes and GDIH


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