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Development of new offices and markets for banking, oil and gas, and media for French Riviera and development of advanced wellness center and research facility.

Development of new office division for joint-venture with China National Company in the area of oil, crude, coal, and power and consulting services ."Gold Dragon International Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited ("GDIH-HK") is a trading and investment corporation registered in Hong Kong, serving predominately Greater China and Asia Pacific regions, as well as selected areas in Far East, Middle East, Africa and North America. Its core businesses cover segments in oil & gas, EPC, power, technologies, telecommunications, medical & Health Care and precious metals. It provides direct investment, forms joint ventures and strategic alliances with business partners who offer unique, attractive and good-for-mankind business propositions."

Development of new offices division of GDIH Russian company Eurasian Trading Company LLC in the areas of exploration, drilling, pipelines, refineries, rail, storage, and port facilities in both Russia and the Ukraine.

GDIH Head Offices

Links the Middle East, China, Russia, and the world together

Presidential Inauguration & Russian Office

Hong Kong Office Discovery Bay

Saudi Arabia Office

Diaoyutai State Guesthouse

Saudi Arabia Office

China Office Compound

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